What to Consider When Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury

Personal injury claims entail a variety of situations and accidents. For example, you might have slipped and gotten injured at work, involved in an accident or hit by your neighbor’s car. You are supposed to file a personal injury claim if you were injured as a result of someone else mistake or carelessness. To get fair compensation, you are required to hire a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer you choose will determine if you are going to win or fail the case. Losing the case means losing your compensation. In this article, we are going to discuss the things you are supposed to look at, in the selection of a personal injury attorney Portland, Maine. Read on.


Injury, compensationThere are many categories of lawyers, and you should kick out the mentality that any lawyer can serve you. For your injury claims, you must work with a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer you choose must be experienced and trained in that field. If a lawyer has been working in this field for long, it means that they have interacted with insurance companies for long and proven their integrity. With such a trait, it will be easy to get a positive resolution from the company.


It is essential to look at the past practice of the lawyer you are about to choose. If they have dealt with a case similar to yours, you will be better placed because they know the tactics of winning similar cases. Do not shy from asking them to give you contact details of their previous clients as proof of their experience and good work.

Payment Terms

Many personal injury lawyers operate on contingent fees. This means that the client pays after the case is settled and compensation is done. Note that, you should not use the attorney fees as the determining factor in the selection of a personal injury lawyer. However, it is critical to ensure that you are aware of their payment terms beforehand.

Initial Consultation

Initial consultationMajority of personal injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation to new customers. You should take advantage of this to talk to several lawyers before making your selection. The more lawyers you choose, the better you will learn your case and figure out the best lawyer. Note that, you should not waste all the time in selecting a lawyer because you want to handle your case when the evidence is still fresh.