Understanding The Concept Behind Power Of Attorney


Power of attorney is the appointment of an agent responsible for making decisions for another person on their behalf. Power of Attorney UAE can only be granted when the person giving the power understands the implications of their decision and the consequences the decision can have. If the person is not considered too mentally incapable, then the granting will not be regarded as legally valid and binding.

Types of Power of Attorney

1. GeneralPower of Attorney

A general appointment covers a very specific period. This type of arrangement is used for specific financial, or the legal decision needs to be made. When a person grants power at one time and then loses their mental capacity to make decisions, the appointment is immediately void and no longer valid. The person that was the agent will no longer be allowed to make any decisions for the person that originally granted them the power.

2. Enduring For Springing Durable

Springing Durable POA, which immediately goes into effect when the principal becomes incapacitated and is no longer capable of handling their affairs. A springing power of attorney is not allowed in some places due to legal issues such as legally determining and or proving that a person is now incapacitated. This may delay the agent from being able to immediately begin making life or death medical or caregiving decisions on behalf of the principal and also from managing the principal’s affairs promptly.

3. Enduring For Financial Matters

This type of appointment only becomes active when the person has lost the capacity to make decisions themselves. Granting this type of POA is to prepare for the event of losing mental capacity so that there is someone who will become active if this takes place that can make financial and legal decisions for the person. These are the only decisions that can be made with this granting.

4. Enduring For Medical Matters

Enduring For Medical MattersEnduring power for medical matters is similar to enduring for financial matters. This is to prepare for the future event of no longer having the mental capacity to make medical decisions for yourself. This type of (POA) only becomes active if the person loses mental capacity. The agent can only make decisions that pertain to medical decisions and has no other power over the person’s life.

5. Enduring For Guardianship Matters

Again, this type of appointment only becomes active when the person has lost the mental capacity to make lifestyle decisions for themselves. The person that is granted the power will only make decisions that involve the lifestyle of the concerned party. They have no other say in any other aspect of the person’s life.